Prospective Students

The Master's in Linguistics is a uniquely designed program that provides students with comprehensive methodological training as well as with up-to date skills in collecting, processing and analyzing digital linguistic data. The program further combines the study of individual languages with specific thematic areas of linguistics not found in other Master's programs. There are nine focus areas to choose from, four language-oriented and five thematic ones. Alternatively, it is also possible to study the program without a dedicated focus area.

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Profile of a Linguistics Student

  • keen interest in human language as a research object
  • enjoys analyzing and interpreting language data
  • good at identifying patterns and evaluating evidence
  • open to maths and statistics as useful tools to further linguistic research
  • driven to contribute to the global linguistic community/research
  • wants to work at the intersection of language and technology
  • comfortable working with computers (specific skills are not a prerequisite)

Do you recognize yourself in this description? If so, the MA Linguistics might be for you! 

Courses in our program

Are you curious what courses we offer in Linguistics? To get an idea, check out the course catalogue for autumn semester 2022

Note that the compulsory methodology courses are only offered every fall semester. However, this does not mean that you can only start your studies with us in the fall. You may apply for the spring semester and take the courses that do not have the compulsory methodology courses as a prerequisite.


You can find the specific requirements for each focus area in the Annex to the Study Regulations in the download section.