Withdrawal from Assessment

How to withdraw from an assessment (e.g. in case of illness):

  1. Inform the instructor(s) and module coordinator in writing of any reasons why you are unable to attend, at the latest by the day of the examination or the day of the submission deadline.
  2. CC the program coordinator: linguistics-ma@linguistik.uzh.ch.
  3. Submit a confirmation or a document (e.g. medical certificate) proving the reason for your inability to attend the exam / hand in your assessment no later than 5 working days after said examination/submission date. 
  4. If the request is approved by module coordinator and the program coordination, the module will be cancelled, otherwise it will be considered a failed attempt.

For assessments that extend over a longer period of time (e.g. seminar papers), an extension of the deadline may be considered. In this case, please contact the instructor before the submission deadline. 

More information and the legal basis for withdrawal from assessments can be found here: Modules and Exams. Please read this information carefully!

Note that for MA theses the maximum extension is 1 month. If the prevention (e.g. illness, natural disaster, etc.) was longer and 1 month is not enough, this can justify a cancellation of the MA thesis module. However, the new MA thesis must the be written on a new topic.