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Master Program Linguistics

Welcome to your first semester!


We are very pleased to welcome you to the Linguistics program. This single-honors degree in Linguistics offers a comprehensive program with a variety of interesting focus areas (tracks) which provide access to a wide range of modules across all involved faculties. The common basis of all focus areas is the methodological foundation. 

This Master's program is offered by the Linguistics Center Zurich (LiZZ) and the nine participating institutes. The participating institutes are:

English Department
German Department
Institute of Romance Studies
Department of Slavonic Languages and Literature
Department of Computational Linguistics
Institute of Comparative Language Science
Asia-Orient Institute

We wish you a successful start in the Linguistics program!

Beginning of the Semester Apéro (fall semester only)

Every fall semester, we invite students of the Monomaster Linguistics to the Beginning of the Semester Apéro. You will be invited and asked to register via email. If you think you haven't received an invitation, please contact 

This year's Apéro will take place on September 28th! 

New at UZH? New in Switzerland?

Click the link below if you are new at UZH and would like to learn more about finding your way around campus, booking modules, and general tips for life at UZH! New at UZH?

Study in Switzerland is also a great resource for anyone who is new to studying (and working) in Switzerland: Study in Switzerland

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