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Master Program Linguistics

First Steps

Learning the Basics: Methodology Modules

If you start your studies in the fall semester:

The Master program Linguistics should be started ideally in the fall semester. This is when the compulsory Methodology modules that form the basis of this program are offered. In these courses, students acquire the necessary training and methodological skills for the upcoming semesters. These are the compulsory methodology modules:

  • 06SM271-516 Quantitative Methods (6 ECTS) →  see section Preparation
  • 06SM271-517 Language Data Acquisition (9 ECTS)
  • 06SM271-518 Language Data Processing (15 ECTS)
  • This module consists of 2 courses:
    • 06SM271-518a Introduction to Language Data Processing
    • 06SM271-518b Programming for Linguists →  see section Preparation

Each course consists of a lecture and a tutorial. For more information about these modules please check the course catalogue (autumn semester).

If you start your studies in the spring semester: 

If you received additional requirements for your admission (Auflagen), we highly recommend you use the first spring semester to fulfil these requirements. 

If you have not received additional requirements, you may take any of the courses that don't have the methodology courses as a prerequisite. You can find out about each module's prerequisites in the course description in the course catalogue. 

Additional Requirements

The additional requirement of up to 21 ECTS in the field of Linguistics can be fulfilled during the course of study but before graduation. If you have no knowledge in linguistics, we recommend the following introductory modules at BA level: 


Module no. Course title ECTS Start


Introduction to English Linguistics 9 fall


Einführung in die Sprachwissenschaft des Deutschen 1 6 fall


Einführung in die Sprachwissenschaft des Deutschen 2 6 spring


Prolegomena (Linguistique – Linguistica – Lingüística) 6 fall, spring


Lingüística Hispánica 3 spring


Introduction à l'ancien français fall


Grundlagen der slavistischen Sprachwissenschaft 6 spring


Skandinavische Sprachen im Vergleich 6 spring


Grundlagen der Vergleichenden Sprachwissenschaft 3 fall

It is also possible to take linguistic courses not listed here, especially if you already have introductory knowledge in linguistics. Please contact our study advisor to confirm your choice.


Language of instruction: There is no guarantee that BA courses will be held in English. Please make sure to carefully read the course description in the course catalogue. Sometimes the language of instruction will be described as: "English or German". In this case, please make sure to click on the course itself (white bar with the information on time, location, instructor). There you will find another section with the language of instruction.

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