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Master Program Linguistics

Digital Linguistics

Language of instruction

German and/or English. As soon as there is a student who does not speak German, the course will be held in English.


In the focus area Digital Linguistics (Digitale Linguistik) you have to choose the following modules:

  • all compulsory modules (P-Module) out of the module group "Methodology" (Methodologie), which are 30 ECTS credits in total
  • at least 30 ECTS credits from the module group Digital Linguistics (Digitale Linguistik)
  • at least 12 ECTS credits from the module group Research Focus Digital Linguistics (Wissenschaftliche Vertiefung in Digitaler Linguistik)
  • at least 18 additional ECTS credits of free choice from within the program
  • Master thesis (30 ECTS credits)

Core-elective modules

Digital Linguistics

  • Einführung in die Computerlinguistik 2 (06SM521-002)
  • Mathematische Grundlagen der Computerlinguistik (06SM521-003)
  • Programmiertechniken der Computerlinguistik 2 (06SM521-005)
  • Erstellung und Annotation von linguistischen Ressourcen (06SM521-006)
  • Grammatikformalismen und Parsing (06SM521-007)
  • Maschinelle Übersetzung (06SM521-008)
  • Maschinelles Lernen in der Computerlinguistik (06SM521-009)
  • Semantic Web & Linked Data (06SM521-011)
  • Sprachtechnologie als Beitrag zur Barrierefreiheit (06SM521-012)
  • Sprachtechnologische Webapplikationen (06SM521-013)
  • Text Analytics in the Digital Humanities (06SM521-014)
  • Text Mining (06SM521-015)
  • Praktikum extern (06SM521-016)
  • Praktikum intern (06SM521-017)
  • Programmierprojekt (06SM521-018)
  • Übungsleitung/Tutorat (06SM521-019)
  • Intensivwoche (06SM521-514)
  • [Summer School] (06SM521-s06)

Scientifc Immersion in Digital Linguistics

  • Intermediate Methods and Programming in Digital Linguistics (06SM521-529)
  • [Seminar] (06SM521-s04)

Study Structure

Which modules can be done in which semester? The document "Study Structure Digital Linguisitcs" is a list of the whole choice of modules for the focus area Digital Linguistics, with indications about the order and the curriculum. Please note that bachelor's modules that must be taken to fulfill any requirements are not listed here.

Study Structure Digital Linguisitcs (PDF, 66 KB)

Helpful documents

Organizational unit

The modules for this focus area are offered by the Department of Computational Linguistics