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Master Program Linguistics

Focus Areas

Choose your track!

There are nine focus areas to choose from: Four language-oriented and five thematic ones. Alternatively, students have the flexibility to pursue the program without committing to a specific focus area.

Opting for a focus area entails selecting the majority of modules from that particular area. However, students retain the freedom to choose 18 ECTS from other focus areas if they desire a more diversified curriculum. For those choosing the focus area without specialization, coursework will span at least three different module groups. The specific combination of module groups is left to the discretion of the student.

Detailed requirements for each focus area can be found by clicking on the respective area in the table below.

Helpful documents

Annex to the Study Regulations: This document outlines the rules for each focus area, i.e. how many ECTS credits per module group have to be taken in order to complete the degree. 

Annex to the Study Regulations (EN) Anhang zur Studienordnung (DE)


Sample Curriculum: This document outlines a sample curriculum for each focus area. It's important to note that these are merely illustrative examples designed for full-time study scenarios. As long as you follow the rules for your focus area, your studies do not have to look like the sample curriculum.

Sample Curriculum (EN) / Mustercurriculum (DE)